Cover letter about my consulting services of procurement, project engineering and costing

31. prosince 2013 v 20:10 | Stanislav Honzík |  Úvahy, fejetony
The opportunity to cooperate in consulting of procurement, project engineering and costing with maximal optimized results for customer

Dear potential customer, dear visitor of my,

I'm thinking about possibility to provide consulting services, that's why I could help a client with leading and administrating of purchase, project engineering and costing. I have 8 years experiences with cost engineering, project oriented purchase and administrating of procurement in automotive industry. I'm searching for new potentials; how to expand my professional career and I can see consulting services as very good possibility, where I can sell my experiences and professional skills. I would ask you, if you could assess my presentation or you could forward my case to responsible person, which can decide about my possible cooperation.

I think I can provide you a sufficient support in following points:
- required communication, outputs and presentations in Czech, German and English language
- benchmarking of requested commodities, raw materials, components, semi-products, but as well machines, manufacturing lines or services
- high quality administrating of sourcing process with outputs, which reaches a complex comparison of supplier's quotations
- supplier management on requested level from key figures as delivery conditions and payment terms to requirements for quality certifications and independent financial audit
- technical and business meetings with suppliers to reach goals of best solution in rate quality/price
- independent calculation of quoted product, service, manufacturing equipment or tools and jigs, which serves as support for understanding of product cost structure
- Cost-Break-Down provides by supplier for cost analyze with goal to push down quoted sales prices
- creation of clear specification from premises and requirements of engineering
- preparation of presentations for customers, management and "follow up's"
- processed of project plan and establish deadlines for RFQ phase
- knowledge of calculation's models of Stankiewicz, IAC Group and MAGNA
- I can provide practical knowledge of process flow by products: sound and thermal insulation, interior "soft-trim" products and steel assemblies of seats incl. deep knowledge of mechanisms for cinematic of seats (recliners, tracks)

Bellow you can find a links for presentations about my consulting services, LinkedIn CV:

Presentation of consulting services:
LinkedIn CV:

I would say, that I could give you a skilled analyzes and calculations "on key" with target to go deeply into automotive industry thanks my experiences, if you are not involved before. I can offer a possibility to cooperate in single tasks or long-term cooperation through periodical payment.

When you are going to opinion, that our cooperation could be perspective for both sides, I will satisfy with your every answer.
Best regards,
Stanislav Honzík

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