How to win the election everywhere

15. února 2014 v 4:29 | JS |  Politika & EU
How to win the election everywhere in 10 points:

1, Don't promise, what you can not realise it, because the people remember everything.

2, Talk with the people on the streets.

3, Share your ideas with students from every university to know, how to look you ideas in front of future leaders of nation.

4, Show the people, that you will estabilish the health care without payments and with same standards for everyone.

5, Go to the public discussions as the people, which want to make a deal. Never say, I know it better, but I have another solution. No confrontation.

6, Invest to small campaings per each district and share your program with all people in discussion.

7, Big campaings are for other parties. Gives almost money for your campaing to charity and lets know people about it in short comercials in TV/internet/press.

8, Inform people, that you can support them with authorities in small teams on the streets. (e.g. someone doesn't know, how to proceed something with authorities. So you are politics, make your job...)

9, Make an analyze, what the people want from you. Please ask them directly or through webcampaing and show results on internet/press.

10, Shows people, that you are going to absolut transparency with your transparent account and transparent accountancy.

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